Trent Hill is ready for a long winter. Our team has been diligently packing the hoop houses and placing liner orders for the busy 2017 Spring season. Our houses are covered just in time for the expected weather! Stay tuned for our new Spring 2017 plant announcements.

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Liner deliveries have already begun arriving and we expect to bring in new material through May this season. Of course, the weather will play a major factor as to when things get rolling. Fields will be sub-soiled and tilled prior to planting, a job that cannot be performed in wet conditions. Digging of existing stock will happen as close to the same time that liner delivery is expected. It will be a busy season as more product than ever is available for sale to persons in the trade. Sales are expected to increase based on these numbers and the quality of our product, which is becoming recognized by our customers. The spring season promises to be the best yet for Trent Hill Farm & Nursery.

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The nursery is pretty incredible this time of year with all the different shades of flowering plant material. The Cherry trees are the first ones to pop (followed closely by the Pear) and while it is not quite the scene in DC, approaching the farm by Route 2 south is truly a treat for our visitors and for our own. Even the Capital Gazette wanted to let others know about our plants!

See the photo in the gallery here: Capital Gazette Article

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Trent Hill Pizzaglia

Since our beginnings we have utilized cutting edge technology to produce root balls that are easy to handle and ensure plant survival. We have accomplished this through the use of transplanting machines shipped from Italy.

In the New Year we will be the first nursery in the country to own and work with the latest technology from Pazzaglia, the FZ 162T/SR, a vibratory digging machine that will handle root balls comparable to a 75” diameter dug by traditional machines. We will harvest trees up to 7” in caliper while capturing more root structure in a comparatively smaller ball, roughly 63”. This new machine will allow landscape contractors to provide clients with instant gratification while increasing profits by handling a smaller root ball and cutting loss in the process!

Stay tuned as the machine will be at our facility in the very near future. We would love for you to come by to see it in action. If you want to get a glimpse of it prior to arrival, it will be demonstrated by George Leidig of Autrusa at the MANTS show, January 8-10, 2014.



We have been clearing the fields and storage areas making way for new products in the spring. Container materials are tightly stored in cold houses for protection from the cold. Though we have a way to go to we are excited about the upcoming season!

Luke has been working diligently on liner orders and we are happy to say that we will provide the staples of the industry with a continued emphasis on native plants and unusual varieties. You have come to know us as a ‘niche’ nursery and this identity will remain intact.

Some items of particular interest;

Osmanthus Fruitlandii-a fragrant evergreen that is tolerant of shade with an interesting growth habit

Schip Laurel-beautifully structured evergreen capable of screening tight areas, in sizes to 4’

Otto Luyken Laurel-all sizes of this evergreen staple so popular in the landscape

Viburnums-a diverse selection of plants in sizes ranging from 2’-8’, the larger plants will be a delight for the landscape contractor

Native Plants

Many little known varieties that will thrill the ‘at home’ gardener on your list of clients, too many to mention…..take a look at our catalog/availability.

Cladastris kentukea- One of the best medium-sized flowering shade trees

Cercis-many of the new introductions in addition to the Maryland native

Acer rubrum – a popular tree to satisfy the native requirement

Cornus flordia – Small sizes available to fit the 1-2” niche; easy to handle

Celtis occidentalis – an under-used, adaptable, large shade tree with interesting bark and fruit

Gymnocladus dioicus – A great tall shade tree with showy, fragrant flowers and unique leaf

Viburnum ‘Shasta’ – easily grown native shrub with showy flowers and good fall color

Diospyros virginiana – interesting tree with edible fruit for preserving or eating fresh

Happy New Year and we look forward to serving you in the upcoming season!

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