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Sun Lovers:

Panicum v. ‘Heavy Metal’
Purple foliage on an upright clump with pink blooms. 2 gal. 5ft.

Panicum v. ‘Cloud Nine’
Light blue foliage with golden seed panicles in the summer. 2 gal. 7ft.

Miscanthus s. ‘Gracillimus’
Tall, gracefully narrow, slightly variegated grass with red tinged blooms in fall. 2 gal. 7ft.

Miscanthus s. ‘Yaku Jima’
Dwarf grass with narrow foliage that turns red in the fall, pinkish blooms. 2 gal. 4ft.

Pennisetum a. ‘Hamlen’
Dwarf grass with pinkish blooms 
1 gal. 3ft. 

Muhlenbergia capillaris
Thin dark foliage with brilliant pink fall blooms. 1 gal. 3ft.

Shade Lovers:

Carex m. ‘Ice Dance’
Dense mound forming sedge, variegated. 1 gal. 1ft.

Chasmanthium latifolium
Green reed type foliage with oat shaped seed heads. Does well in both sun and shade. 2 gal. 5ft.

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