We have a variety of new and upcoming plant material available at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery. Typically quantities are limited- so if you would like one please arrange an appointment to come pick out your selection! 
Our selection of woody shrubs and small Trees available in containers.
We typically offer about 100 different varieties of perennials in addition to ferns and ornamental grasses! Whether you are looking for natives, unique varieties, flowers for pollinators, or filler plants for challenging spaces, we have you covered.

Your one-stop-shop for landscape trees and shrubs. We currently carry a huge selection of specimen trees & shrubs, street trees, shade trees, evergreens, natives, and more. Did you know we have over 30 types of Maple trees? The best way to shop for trees is to make an appointment with us by calling 410-956-1344 so we can set you up on a tour of the fields, where you can tag your own tree!

Thanks for doing your part to plant sustainable, low-maintenance gardens that benefit our ecosystem! We are proud to offer a wide variety of natives that offer color and numerous benefits to local birds and wildlife. 
Viburnums make a versitile addition to your landscape. We carry varieties that are deciduous, semi-evergreen, and evergreen. Some are known for their fragrant flowers, others for their colorful berries, and some make great fillers for your garden. Make your selection today!
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SKU: BUDDmissmolly#3
Scientific NameBuddleia x. 'Miss Molly' PP23425 | Proven Winners® Color Choice®
Flower ColorPink
Sun RequirementFull Sun
SKU: AZAL6carnation#3
Bright Pink re-blooming azalea.
Scientific NameAzalea (Rhododendron) 'Roblec' PP15339 | Encore® Azalea
Flower ColorPink
Sun RequirementPart Sun
SKU: CLETrubyspice#3
Scientific NameClethra a. 'Ruby Spice'
Flower ColorPink
Sun RequirementFull Sun to Part Shade
SKU: AZAL6moonlight#3
White re-blooming Azalea
Scientific NameAzalea (Rhododendron) 'Mootum' PP18416 | Encore® Azalea
Flower ColorWhite
Sun RequirementPart Sun


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