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Scientific NameMagnolia x. 'Jane'
Flower ColorPink
Sun RequirementFull Sun to Part shade
Category: Field Grown

Acer s. 'Green Mountain'

Green Mountain Sugar Maple 

This variety of sugar maple is a native to the Eastern U.S. and is known for it's beautiul yellow-orange fall color. This is a fast grower, with about a foot or more of height added each year. Sugar maples are generally intolerant of drought, chemicals and compact soils. 

Height40-80 Feet
Spread25-45 Feet
Common NameAcer s. 'Green Mountain'
Category: Field Grown
This Japanese maple loves full sun to part shade. Leaves start as a crimson red in early Spring and turn green as they age. Great red and orange Fall color!
Height7-10 feet
Spread7-10 feet
Common NameAcer p. 'Shindeshojo'
Category: Field Grown
Category: Field Grown
Common NameColumnar Blue Atlas Cedar
Category: Field Grown
Rising Sun is a stunning and unique small Redbud with heart shaped bright foliage tinged with orange and gold. In the spring expect profuse lavender colored flowers. The leaves can bounce back in the heat, but this tree may need some additional watering on exceptionally hot weeks.
Height8-12 Feet
Spread8 Feet
ColorLime Green with Orange, Gold undertones
Common NameRising Sun Eastern Redbud
SunFull Sun
Category: Field Grown
Ruby Falls is a weeping Redbud that features profuse pink flower in the Spring and leaves that stay a nice maroon red with green undertone until Fall. Perfect as a specimen plant or feature in your landscape!
Height6-8 Feet
Spread4-6 Feet
ColorBurgundy Red-Green
Common NameRuby Falls Redbud
SunFull Sun
Category: Field Grown
Height5-12 Feet
Spread2-4 Feet
ColorMedium Green
Common NameJapanese Falsecypress
SunFull Sun-Part Shade


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