We would like to extend a huge Thank You to local Girl Scouts Troop 11027 who visited us at the Nursery yesterday! The Scouts learned how to identify Pollinators, their value in creating the food we eat, and how to take care of local Pollinator insects in their very own gardens.


Girl Scouts Troop 11027 at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery   GSV 5

We used cheese puffs to demonstrate how bumblebees pollinate flowers as they travel from plant to plant.


Girl Scouts Troop 11027 at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery

Girl Scouts Troop 11027 at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery

The Scouts explored our Sales Yard at the Nursery and identified Pollinators at work to make our flowers!

Girl Scouts Troop 11027 at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery


We even planted Sunflowers to help grow our Pollinator garden at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery, with enough for the Troop to take home to start their own garden. 



After all their hard work, these Girl Scouts are proud recipients of our Pollinator Pupil awards! We hope they can go forth and help others to spreaad the word that Bees are good! They help to create our food and the flowers that we share with others. We hope to see them back at the Nursery to check in on the Pollinator garden they helped to grow!


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